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Great Living Overall

Healthy weight loss options

that work for your busy life

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New Year New You

Come let us jump start you on your healthy journey

Nutritional Counseling

6 weeks nutritional counseling with  Susie and 6 weeks of the chi machine. You will have a 45 minute session with Susie and 15 minutes of Chi therapy. This will be once a week for 6 weeks. Then you will also get ultra therapy for help with fighting fat, cellulite and stretch marks  once every 2 weeks. As well as weight loss wrap with heat therapy every 2 weeks.  Weeks 1,3, and 5 you will be here about 3.5 hrs, Weeks 2,4 and 6 you will be here 1 hr. 


Packages are set up per individual call for pricing. 

Other Nutritional classes

6 week weight loss program can be done in person or virtually

This includes a once a week class where we meet for 1-2 hrs. each week for 6 weeks.