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February Special

Foot Detox, reflexology and a pedicure $75.00 February only or you may purchase a gift certificate.

Reiki Master Program Class

March 18, 2020 6-8 p.m. Will go every Wednesday for 6 weeks from 6-8

Glo Natural

116 S. Third St.

Boonville, IN. 47601



Reiki I II III master program learn to summons healing light and positive cleansing energy. Recover from illness, improve well being, rejuvenate your energy. Push pain away & anxiety and negative emotions. Connect with your spiritual self master the art of tapping into natural energy, align chakras. Reiki is an incredible discipline that can cleanse your body, create clarity and understanding of the world around you. If you want to heal yourself and others. Reiki may be able to make this dream a reality. Follow your destiny. Set your reservation for this amazing 6 week course today. Skip the online courses and get hands on healing. You will receive hands on attunement that will set you at a high vibrational that you will always carry with you. Receive master certification . Come join us in changing your life.


$300 for the 6 week course and certification

Due by March 4, 2020

Mile Marker No. 5 CBD

Glo Natural Wellness Center Salon & Spa now carries Mile Marker No. 5 CBD oil we carry regular, THC free, and salves. Come in or contact us for all your needs. 812-661-6018  4395 Old State Road 261 Newburgh, IN. 47630. CBD oil is good for so many things. Including pain, inflammation, anxiety, mood, insomnia, help to quit smoking as well as many other effective properties.

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Dr. Susie Crouch ND, NHC,NHP,MH, CHP&LPN

Need help figuring out which natural health remedies or strategies will work best for you and your family. Find simple affordable natural weight loss that becomes a lifestyle. Natural anti-inflammatory to reduce pain & aging. Life coaching for anxiety depression struggles of life to give you support and hope and clarity. Natural healing with food and herbs. Alternatives treatments such as massage, reiki, breathing techniques, guided imagery, chakra energy work, light touch, reflexology, kansa, etc. Alternative healing modalities have been proven to Relax and rejuvenate, reduce stress, decrease anxiety, manage chronic pain, slow or eliminate disease process. Bring balance to the body, Create awareness of mind, emotion, body & Spirit and how they are intertwined in creating a healthy whole person.

Doctor of Natural Medicine

If your sick or just have a health issue you want help with its only $50 to come in and see me one time. I can naturally help you to feel better and give you tips and tricks to stay feeling better. My treatments with patients might include dietary changes, supplements, herbal medicines and exercise. As well as other alternative treatment.

Training Class or Public Speaking

After years of study, research and experience let me help you or your school, workplace, college or other organization by speaking or having an educational seminar to meet your needs.

Individualized Courses

I also offer additional classes on helping loved ones who suffer from alzheimers, adhd, autism and many other things. I offer alternative treatments and therapies to help you help your loved ones.

Hi I am Dr.  Susan Crouch N.D.

I am a naturopathic practitioner ready to help you on your healthy journey in a natural fashion. Specialize in weight loss and other health issues. If you have issues you can have a one time consult with me to discuss your needs. One time consult is 1 hour for $25 first visit then we can customize a package to fit your needs!

Contact me today or visit our shop. We have a salon and spa. As well as I specialize in health, wellness and natural remedies.

Call me at 812-661-6018

Welcome to Glo Natural

Whether you can visit us locally for any of our unique services or if you prefer our distant client option. We have packages that will work for you. 

Distant Client Bookings

If your just too tired, too sick, too busy or too far these are all good reasons to choose our distant client option. We offer telephone, video chat or email evaluations! Contact me today to get started!

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What is the Plan?

The Great Living Plan: Designed plans feature a total evaluation of body, mind, spirit and medications. Plans are geared toward individual needs. Includes total organic holistic food plan, supplementation and much more. Easy-to-make recipes, all designed especially to help you kick start your life, lose weight, and get a hold of your health, let me help you heal starting today!

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Glo Healthy 7: Health & Weight loss plan

A simple plan for real weight loss results. This plan will detox you and set you on the right track for the year and for life. We provide pure lean dietary supplement 30 day supply,  guide to eating out healthy as well as a chi treatment for your detox week. 15 minutes of chi is equal to a 1.5 hr walk. The pure lean supplement helps with metabolic rate, appetite and mood centers of the brain, as well as overall mood and energy. The program is designed to help you lose weight and keep it off. Real lifestyle changes without starving yourself. A proactive path to good health. If you have a group that would like to get together to do this or would like a personal session just contact us at 812-661-6018. This is a 7 week course and is $350 per person. 


Glo Natural Wellness Center Salon & Spa Gift Shop

Come in our shop to check out our gift shop with many unique items. We carry many brands. We have candles, lotions, boutique clothing, pillows, cbd oil, vitamins, coffees, teas, candies, mugs, spa items, housewares, toys, gifts, etc.  Come see us for all your birthday, holiday, funeral or any occasion Shopping needs!